Do you provide your own cleaning supplies?

 ​Yes, cleaning supplies are included. 


Will you send the same cleaning crew each time?

 We make our best  to send the same Cleaning crew every time –  but we do not guarantee it.  If we are sent a different Cleaning crew, our crews have access to detailed information about your preferences and requests to ensure consistency with our work.  Sometimes, you might even prefer your new Cleaning crew! 


How long do regular cleanings take?

A regular cleaning service take less since we are familiar with your home and of course, regular maintenance help us to clean your house in a short time. As a thank you to our regular clients, we offer reduced hourly rates for recurrent cleaning visits.


What’s your guarantee?

We pride ourselves on our cleaning satisfaction ; however, if you are unsatisfied with your cleaning, you are given a 24-hour period to contact us and have that particular area re-cleaned at no cost to you.


Do you change linens or do laundry?

If you leave fresh linens on the bed and specifically request this at the time of booking, we will change and launder them.  Beds will be made regardless of linen changes.  Additional loads of laundry can be done as well but must be added to your booking in advance (extra fee) 

What if something is broken or damaged during the cleaning?

 If something gets broken or damaged, our staff are trained to photograph it and report it immediately, without reprimand. They are careful and considerate of each space they attend, but every now and then something can happen (we are human, after all). Once reported to the office, we contact you to discuss a fair and quick resolution. We do ask that any irreplaceable items be put away and anything you are concerned about is noted at the time of booking. Please note, we don’t repair or replace existing damage or improperly installed items. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We ask for a 24-hour notice for cancellation – voicemail or email is acceptable.  A $75.00 cancellation charge will apply if notice is not received before this deadline.  If we arrive at the cleaning and there is no key arranged for us or we cannot gain access to the home for whatever reason, a 50% of the cleaning price will billable.  If we are dismissed during a job, 100% of the cleaning price will be billable. Our staff rely on the work we provide to them and we must always respect their time. 

How does payment work?

Payments can be handled in cash, check or via Venmo and Zelle. Note that we need to collect the payment before the cleaning crew leave your home.

Do you have a pet policy?

We charge an additional fee for homes that have pets. .

Important Information!

We request to all our custumers to inform us about any particular items that need extra care from our part in order to either skip or be extremely careful. Also to notify any issue in their home within 24 hour after the cleaning otherwise we are not going to take responsibility. **Any expensive item or confuse situation about a claim will be handled directly with our insurance company.